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Oaktalent understands the concern of various actors in the implementation of their international projects. Actors are coming from different sectors such as Energy, Infrastructures and High Technology. We offer an easy to use professional solution bringing together the best skills in engineering, construction, installation, commissioning, start-up and decommissioning with international contractors.

Pool of skilled workforce for some, high visibility on present and future international positions for others, Oaktalent is a cluster of energy (oil & gas, nuclear power, renewable), industry and rail specialists.

Understanding our partners’ recruitment and staffing processes has highlighted the gap between the existing recruitment channels and their expectations. Companies require to identify the best talents, gathering self-management and professional skills, for ever more complex and more competitive projects. They have, however, limited time to find specialists in specific international environments (Employment law, visa, on-site organisation, political context…). Our industrial partners’ reactivity is a crucial asset to the development of their order portfolio, allowing them to respect their planning.

Oaktalent therefore recommends the best candidates identified by our specialised recruiting teams according to their skills, references, motivation, availability and mobility.

For every candidate, the social networks, advertisers and traditional job-boards offer a wide range of job opportunities in all trade and activity sectors. Difficult to know how to choose a solution combining all advantages (time saving, selection of international jobs, confidentiality and results) without any drawbacks! This is precisely what Oaktalent developers have implemented.

Oaktalent has developed a secured user-friendly online solution, available on all supports (PC, tablets, smartphones). We are aware that you need to log in into your career page whether on a site in the middle of the desert or on an oil platform. If you are keen on large international projects, if you want to make career management simple and be in permanent contact with major contractors, join the Oaktalent community!

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