Our Performances

We focus on satisfying our customers, who chose to trust us (candidates or companies alike). We are constantly working harder and always eager to improve our services to meet our clients’ expectations, bearing in mind their culture differences from one continent or region to another. Communicating, respecting the individual, treasuring cultural diversity are values at Oaktalent business model’s heart.

  • Offering a specialised service to the customers trusting us!

Highly qualified engineers and technicians, who have created a personal page, are the reason why we exist. Our priority is to provide them a professional career page, easy to consult from any connected space giving numerous opportunities and contacts. Their page will remain secure at all times.

  • Offering our partners qualified candidates to carry out their projects

Candidates and partners valuing Oaktalent services are the driving force of our solution. Oaktalent selects the best qualified candidates to carry out their projects. We strive to take into account their remarks in order to improve the quality of our services. Should it be regarding the development of our solution, understanding the challenges of our clients’ projects or searching and selecting talent, Oaktalent is devoted to satisfy its partners, now and in the future.

  • Our philosophy

Our core business is extremely dynamic and in constant evolution. Our solution is designed for both candidates and partners according to their needs and specific expectations. Our values are based on:

  • Creativity and ability to adapt
  • Growth based on proactivity, attention and active recommendation of our services
  • Your satisfaction and ensuring that our objectives are exceeded on a daily basis
  • Our values

Our services are based on communication, attention and performance. Moreover, we participate actively to preserve the integrity and cultural diversity of everyone trusting us, driving force of our entrepreneurial values. We do ensure to raise awareness of our teams, partners and clients for the respect of our values.