As an international recruitment agency, Oaktalent works closely with the specialists in Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Industries, Related Infrastructures & Transport.

Energy, Industry & Infrastructure sectors are at the heart of debates and international geographical, political and economic issues. Demand is rising with the increasing power of countries in full economic “boom” such as China and India. The reserves in fossil energies are decreasing as fast as their hegemony is growing. The world’s major players are constant seeking innovations in order to respond to significant technical, societal and environmental challenges. We pride ourselves on meeting the demands and expectations of our partners as well as yours.

Today, Oaktalent focuses on 5 main sectors:

Oil & Gas: In this ever-evolving market, our clients are contantly seeking new solutions to satisfy the increasing demand of the world’s population. In this perspective, Oaktalent gives you the opportunity to work on concrete projects, most of them with complex issues, requiring a good knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

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Nuclear Power: Electricity remains a crucial issue as over a billion people are still denied access to this service. Numerous countries are preparing for the increasing demand in the future, meanwhile reducing their dependency on fossil energies. We offer you, throughout Oaktalent projects, to take part in the paradigm shift. Most of our partners of this sector are involved on the entire chain of the nuclear projects:

  • Uranium mining
  • Fuel improvement and production
  • Construction of power stations and operations
  • Nuclear waste processing and recycling
  • Power distribution and transport
  • Decommissioning

Corn Field next to Nuclear Power Plant ca. 1990s Byron, Illinois, USA


Renewable energy: “New energies” today represent over 15% of the global production in energy and are mainly used to produce electricity (Over 20% of the global production in 2012). Oaktalent works with several specialised companies in solar energy, hydraulic power, maritime, wind energy and biomass. Such projects for the future represent a real challenge for you.

Wind turbines farm


Industry and Sciences: This leading-edge sector constantly promotes new projects on a global scale. It gathers a large number of subcategories such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemistry, watchmaking and mining to name just a few. We are inviting you to take part in those projects.

Related infrastructures: Additionally, Oaktalent offers projects dealing with associated infrastructures. Our main clients’ scope of actions combines ground and underground infrastructures (motorway, rail and tube), maritime constructions (ports, flood barriers…), unique works (bridges, tunnels, car parks…) and energy transport such as electric networks. Discover now numerous and encouraging achievements on our “international projects” page.

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