Sustainable Development

Developpement durable


Oaktalent commits to be a responsible actor with all stakeholders. Our actions are based on four mainstays (health, safety, employee and protection of the environment).

Oaktalent aims at reducing its impact on the environment while preserving the best activity and working conditions for everyone.

Sustainable development entails companies to be more aware of stakeholders’ concerns and to adopt a corporate social responsibility approach, influencing business practices, having an impact on the local economy, etc.

We aim at instilling to all stakeholders a responsible conduct and environmental values, cornerstone of sustainable development.

With this in mind, Oaktalent realises concrete actions in favour of an increased respect of the environment. Such actions crystallise in the integration of a three-dimensional corporate social responsibility (CSR):

  • Environmental dimension: We commit to eco-responsibility, on a daily basis, through the following actions:


    • Sensible use of natural resources such as water and paper (double-sided printing, electronic version of pay slips)
    • Equipment waste recovery (ink cartridges, plastic wrapping…) and appropriate recycling
    • Efficient use of electricity and office supplies
    • Travel restrictions whenever possible. We encourage video-conference meetings.

Equally, we pursue a social cohesion strategy with our employees in order to ensure the best quality of life at work thanks to our accreditation to the ISO 9001 standards (Quality management) and OHSAS 18001, previously MASE (health and safety at work).

  • Social dimension: Oaktalent works toward the implementation of a win-win principle thanks to the following actions:


    • Training support: Training courses in line with each employee’s profile in order to develop their skills
    • Promotion of equal opportunities making no sexual, ethnic, cultural, generational, religious or level of disability distinction
    • Protection of health and safety conditions at work through OHSAS 18001 international certification
    • Development of team strategy and reinforcement of social contacts in encouraging the purchase of office supplies from disabled workers’ workshops.

Oaktalent promotes the respect of fundamental principles such as integrity, loyalty, transparency and humility, coming from diversity.

  • Business dimension: While ensuring the compliance with environmental law, we intend to be always a responsible actor, implementing the following:


    • Fairness of commercial practices by providing every employee with a manual on anti-corruption policies to guide them in making decisions in line with the commercial and ethical best practices
    • Development of sub-contracting due diligence, regrouping suppliers according to the current purchasing procedure 
    • Mobilization of all its employees to prevent from concealed working practices and loss-making sales