Assignment Support

Our commitment, a professional and personalised support!

Oaktalent is your coach beyond the recruitment stage from the analysis of your profile to taking up the post. Our priority is to give you the keys to succeed in your job search. We support you throughout your candidate experience as we want to ensure you challenging, as well as technologically and/or strategically complex projects.

Oaktalent is listening to you, working in your interest in order to ensure you a personalised support up to the start of each of your projects. Our team is bringing you its expertise in looking for new opportunities.

Therefore, ever since your first connection to Oaktalent website, we are purposing clear and easy to implement solutions in order to boost your profile and make it more attractive to leaders of the industry, energy & associated infrastructure sectors. Our ability to take part in all phases of the recruitment process, upstream and downstream, gives us a substantial advantage towards our clients looking for talents interested in international projects.

We have therefore designed a guide giving useful tips to enhance your profile and gathering all relevant information for your next assignment:

  • Your support: Oaktalent guarantees to support you long term. Our added value is to support you throughout your career across several projects. Check out and “click here”.
  • Your assignment: Working in a foreign country requires adequate preparation. A large number of criteria need to be taken into account in order to prepare in the best possible way for this new life experience. Please visit our information page by clicking “here”.
  • Working abroad: You cannot leave anything to chance! Oaktalent helps you with the preparation taking into account working and living conditions. To go abroad with Oaktalent “click here”.
  • Our clients’ commitments: We make sure you are satisfied while ensuring your safety, the respect of equal opportunities as well as projects’ sustainability. To discover all our commitments, "click here”.
  • Improve your CV: Your CV is the privileged communication tool with our recruiters and partners. No longer hesitate to go to the following page “I write my CV” in order to create the most relevant CV!