Our People Engagement

Our main commitment: Be performant while ensuring your safety, respect for diversity, equal opportunities and project sustainability.

To earn your trust and give sense to our relationship, in the long term, we believe in our performances as well as the respect of core values:

  • Safety: We control industrial risks and assignment conditions for all proposed projects
  • Diversity and equal opportunities: We have implemented a policy to support our engagement against all forms of discrimination
  • Sustainable professional careers: We are committed to offer career mobility to ensure sustainable employment

Allow us to share a few words echoing our state of mind. First of all, we are committing to be performant for you and our partners. Our core business is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving. Therefore, our solution is designed based on your needs and specific expectations. Our values are also structured around:

  • Creativity and capacity to adapt
  • Desire for growth based on proactivity, listening ability and active recommendation of our services for you and our partners

Commitment to satisfy you and to exceed yesterday’s achievements