Your Mobilization

More and more of us embark on the adventure of expatriation. However, it is not always easy to get ready for it: culture, work contract, living conditions of the host country, as many prerogatives which can weaken your determination before leaving. We have listed for you a whole range of basic details to be taken into account when signing your contract.

Expatriation cannot be left to chance and requires preparation and organisation. We all know that travelling for a new assignment abroad can turn out to be an uphill battle. Oaktalent guides you:

Documents to be provided:

We recommend you to ensure you have all documents required for your departure:

  • If you are a European Union (EU) national and your host country is also in the EU, a valid identity card is sufficient.
  • Otherwise generally speaking, a passport with a minimum 6-month validity is required in order to travel freely in the host country. You should fill in a work visa request in your own country (especially when it is a new professional experience). The delivery of such document can take several weeks and will require the production of various documents (Identity photographs, respecting the current standards, extract from the judicial record, bank account details, travel tickets, etc.). Be aware that certain countries might close their borders to foreign nationals. This was the case for the USA and Cuba which were reciprocally forbidding any direct transit between both countries.

Once arrived in the host country, you should undertake a similar process to obtain a work and resident permits.

For all these procedures, we recommend you to contact the local authorities of your country of origin as well as of your host country (usually the embassy) in charge of international procedures, as soon as you have applied for expatriation.

We remind you also that most of our partners might take care of all administrative procedures necessary for your assignment.

Social protection

Regarding your social protection, we recommend to ask your future employer about the insurances included in your contract. When appropriate, we recommend you to subscribe to the following:

  • Health expenses
  • Sanitary repatriation insurance
  • Illness
  • Accident
  • Pension

Within the EU, agreements exist to facilitate European patients’ care. We leave it up to you to find out all relevant information with the social security organisation of your country.

Vaccinations and medicines

Have the good habits with Oaktalent:

Do not gamble with your health! We recommend you to login onto the government website, foreign affairs section of the host country to find out about recommended vaccinations and revaccinations.

If it concerns a medical treatment, make an appointment with your regular doctor who will explain the procedure to follow:

  • Is it possible to obtain medication once arrived locally?
  • Is it necessary to have them shipped?
  • Is the medication needed for my treatment allowed in the host country (Anticipate replacement therapy)?

Caution: When travelling with medication, you should always bring your prescription, translated in the official language of the host country or, failing that, in English.


Be confident with Oaktalent

Your tax residence should be transferred to the host country when in expatriation. In order to avoid double taxation, certain countries have concluded agreements guaranteeing single taxation (either in the country of origin or in the host country). To find out about the exact tax regime, contact your local authority in order to obtain the bilateral charter/treaty signed between both countries. You would therefore know all information relevant to your future tax situation.

Meanwhile, inform your country’s postal services of your change of address.

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